A safe place in which all people are invited to experience unconditional love as taught and lived by Jesus Christ and great spiritual leaders.

JFO is your opportunity to step into the 'kindergarten of creativity' and explore the joyous realms of spiritual expression. This camp is where the art of life transforms into a living prayer.

​Saturday, July 27

to Saturday, August 3

​​Geneva Point, NH

Pacific Redwoods

​​Mt. Lassen JFO Leadership

Speaking Leaders: 

Anders Nielsen & Danielle Jones

Song Leaders:

Kirsten Nielsen & Donna McAvoy

​Pianist: Dennis Johnson

Rhythms: Sierra Bennett

Creatives: Adrienne Kerr

Journey Farthest Out

​Empowered by God's love, 
we honor each other, acknowledging differences,
as together we go farther out to explore new frontiers of God’s limitless love and opportunities for service.​

An adventure in creative, joyous Christian living where we experience oneness with each other, the joy of union with God, the love of Jesus, and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.

Mt. Lassen


Sunday, July 21

to Friday, July 26

​Mt. Toyon, CA

Winni JFO Leadership 

Speaking Leaders: 

Mike Hegeman & Christine Powers

Song Leader: Burns Stanfield

Rhythms: Wendy Silverthorn

Creative Leaders:  

Shannon Smith Page,

Kirsten Nielsen,

Carol Powers and Louis Sirico 

Monday, June 24

to Saturday, June 29 

Mineral, CA


Sunday, September 15 to Friday, September 20

Zephyr Point, NV

Each camp has its own feeling and setting including: Northern California mountain region of Mt. Lassen, the Coastal Mountains of Santa Cruz at Monte Toyon, east coast lake summers in New Hampshire and the amazing edge of Lake Tahoe in Nevada. Four camps to lift your Spirit, strengthen your Body and stimulate your Mind.  

Autumn JFO Leadership 

Speaking Leaders: 

Danielle Jones & Lorna Kohler

Song Leader: Carl Coss

Pianist: Dennis Johnson

Rhythms: Wendy Silverthorn


Karen Hanlon & Jim French

Pacific Redwoods Leadership

Speaking Leaders: 

Dennis Johnson & Dave Gattey

Rhythms:  Jamie Weber

Creatives:   Eletah Elash

Song Leader: Marta Narlesky

Pianist: Dan Damon